The Right Management Team Makes All The Difference

Our mission is to provide a service above and beyond expectation. 

To satisfy the needs of both clients and tenants, based on accurate knowledge of the legislation and ensuring open helpful lines of communication.



Why would you select Traditional Real Estate to manage your investment property?

  • Independant Family owned business that has been operating locally for over 30 years.
  • People oriented company, first and foremost, communication is the key.
  • Our professional management team aims to provide solutions in all area's of service
  • REIQ accredited agency
  • Aim to provide 100% occupancy, maximum rental return and no arrears
  • Routine inspection reports provided in writing to our clients with attached photo's
  • Accurate mid and end of month accounting processing
  • Thorough tenant selection
  • Current rental market appraisals provided
  • Attend all property inspections - no keys handed out to prospective tenants
  • Detailed Entry Condition Reports
  • Free internet advertising on all vacant properties
  • Recommended and Insured contractors / tradespeople


Entry Condition Reports

The Entry Condition Report records the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.  It is important that the tenant and property managers fill out this report properly to avoid problems in the future.  The property manager and the tenant each complete and sign their part of the report.  For each item on the list they mark if it is clean, undamaged and working.  The tenant can disagree with or add to what the property manager has written by including their own comments. Photographs are a great way to support what has been written on the form and any specific problems (excerpt taking from the RTA QLD website)

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Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are carried out during a tenancy to ensure the property is being well cared for and that there are no maintenance or health & safety issues.

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Frequently asked Questions

How do our tenants pay their rent?   New tenants are provided with the Traditional Real Estate Trust Account details and there are a couple of payment options provided, leaving no excuse for late payments.  They are able to take cash and deposit it at any Commonwealth Bank; they can arrange a direct debit from their financial institution to facilitate regular payments; or they can pay online using internet banking.

What happens when a tenant stops paying rent?  When a tenant falls behind in their rental payments by 4 days they are sent a friendly reminder via sms.  Should they fall behind by 8 days they are issued with a breach notice advising them that they have 7 days to remedy the situation.  If the problem is not recitified within the stipulated time period a termination notice is issued requiring that they vacate the premises.

When does the rent money get paid into my account?  At the end of every month OR mid and end of month all rent money is paid directly via EFT into your nominated account.  A statement is emailed with attached invoices detailing debits and credits for that month.


Starting a Tenancy

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During a Tenancy


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Ending a Tenancy


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Storm Season Information

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